Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Tryst in the Woods

Stealthily they parked their bikes
And sneaked off for a tryst.
When they'd gotten out of sight
They stopped and then they kissed.

He took her hand and led her down
A winding, woodsy path
She skipped a bit and smiled at him
He couldn't help but laugh

They'd planned this tryst so long ago
A secret rendevous
It was hard to get away
But they knew what to do

They sat down by an old oak tree
She leaned against his chest
He gently kissed her golden hair
A loving, kind caress.

"Wait," she said and sat up straight
"Did you hear that sound?"
"No, I didn't near a thing
"Now sit yourself back down."

She sat but quite reluctantly
Then turned and they locked lips.
He would have done a whole lot more
But they both heard a hiss.

The trees began a-hollering
They were filled with dread
Until they saw materialize
Their own three sneaky kids.

"Oh, ho," the kids said, laughing hard
You can't go on a tryst
Without your children whom you love
And whom you'd dearly miss.

The kids broke out a basket full
Of bread and cheese and wine
And everyone who shared this tryst
Had a real good time.

© 2008 by Jacob Anson. All Rights Reserved

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