Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seeing is believing?

You can't see
If you are blind.
Some can't see
And they see fine.
Some believe
And think they see.
Others see
What they believe.

Do you have to see
To believe at all?
Or is it enough
To just pretend...
That you believe
Or that you see
When you don't
Really see at all?

It isn't easy to believe.
And it's difficult to see.
Some I think do not believe
But still pretend that they can see.
They work so hard
At their belief
It's hard for others to believe
That they indeed can see.

The truth that is so plain to see, is
That we all see differently.
Thus friendship can be difficult
If we should disagree.
I know that I can see just fine.
You're obviously deceived.
You see things that I don't see.
That's why you can't believe.

Maybe when all's said and done
There is no need to see.
Or maybe on the other hand
There's no need to believe.
It all might work out for the best
The world might be relieved,
When no one claims that what they see
The whole world must believe.

Copyright © 2006 and 2008 by Anson. All Rights Reserved.