Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Quintessential Politician

The politician
Pursed his lips
Positive he'd make the
Point he purposely was

To his friends
The lobbyists he joked and
Laughed out loud
Then spoke with
Great sincerity
Eyeballing the crowd.

I'm absolutely
And come to you
With greasy palms
And sacred psalms...

To give you all
Your hearts'
Just as soon as
A small fund transfer
Quietly transpires...

I've pocketed the
President and those
Who give advice
The Congress folks
Bow down to me
I'm cold and bold as ice

They've all come to
Believe in me
I hold them in my sway
Your cash will finance
All your dreams
Old Tom does not DeLay!

(Copyright © 2006 by Ansohn and 2008 by Jacob Anson. All Rights Reserved)

(The poem is dedicated to my good friend and former bishop, Dr. Phil, who has worked so hard to bring a bit of common sense to Texas politics.)

Sunrise, Sunset

(Photo by Anne of Rhode Island)

Sunrise, sunset
Twenty-four hours and
What do you get?
Another day older and
Deeper in debt...
More hours to do the
Thing's you'll regret?
Sunrise, sunset...

And yet...
And yet...

Sunrise, sunset
A gift of the gods
And time to beget
Visions of hope
Goals to be set
For all of your dreams
Are as yet unmet
Sunrise, sunset...

(Copyright © 2008 by Jacob Anson. All rights reserved.)