Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Spring connives
With Mother Nature
To drape the land
In forest green
Gracing hills
With trees
So lean
And full
Standing tall
As Shady sentries
Guarding earth
Our rebirth.

© 2011 by Jacob Anson.  All Rights Reserved
Photo courtesy of Brattcat

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hand in Hand

the days like the wind
go rushing by
a blur of feelings
aging proceeds 
the end is in sight
we know not whether
to laugh or cry.

often i think of
how far we have come
as together we
walked hand in hand
through tangles of troubles
love won the day
for that love I'd do
it all over again.

how can a heart
be full, you say
how can a heart
burst with joy
only when love's
as your love - sweeping
fear and pain away.

so Happy Birthday to
my very best friend
lover and wife and
my champion
if you see a tear
'tis a sign of joy
as in love we walk on - 
hand in hand.

This poem is for the love of my life, Lois Anne.  
© 2011 by Jacob Anson.  All rights reserved.