Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Surfing at Night

All I've got to say
About people who
Stay up all night
Surfing the Net

I understand

The only problem
I can see is
If you've got a job
Then you oughta
Go to bed...'cause

The boss may
Not understand...

Why you're so tired
So disgruntled
So plain miserable
She might decide
To replace you...

Which is definitely
Not good...

So write a novel
A best-selling one
And quit the
Nine to five
You can do it...

All you need is

Or find another
Way to live
Free, without a care
Then surf your
Little heart away...

It's better than
Being dead.

© 2006 by Ansohn; 2008 by Jacob Anson. All Rights Reserved.

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