Friday, April 15, 2011

More Memories Than My Heart Can Hold

[The title of this poem and the above photo comes from and is used with the permission of Rose at Pics and Pieces.  Thank you so much, Rose!  Please check out her blog here.]

More Memories Than My Heart Can Hold

They cleanse me like the falling rain
Awash with joy, sadness, pain
Softly touch my heart again
Rehearsing what my life has been.

I read the letters, faded, old
Put away so long ago
Saved for reasons I don't know
But I was young and brave and bold...

Knowing not of future days
When ancient script
Would rescue to now resurrect
Dreams and friends and memories.

I touch them and the aged paper
Crinkles, crackles, 'tis a vapor
As I gently smooth the words
Written when I'd live forever.

Or so I thought when but a youth
Mistakenly, but still uncouth
And now, older and much wiser, too
I need those memories of you.

And other friends and of the times
Both good and bad and in between
We knew it all except the fact
That things aren't always as they seem.

And thus, I hold them in my hands
Gently, as to not disturb
The spirit of the distant scenes
The memories and what they mean.

It's hard to go there once again
To life the way it was back then
I've found that like a valued coin
Memories are tough to spend.

As I sit here on the floor
I'm feeling glad and sad and old
I touch the letters for there I find
More memories than my heart can hold.

Copyright © 2011 by Jacob Anson.  All Rights Reserved.


Rose said...

The poem is absolutely wonderful...

Cezar and Léia said...

Magnificent, it sounds "music" in my heart! ;)

Giulia said...

Très nostalgique et très beau, Jacob.

Sailor said...

Very beautiful! You are a really poetic at heart.