Friday, April 29, 2011

Love in Tuscany

[Photo of Tuscany courtesy of Bonjour Luxembourg]

This poem is for Cezar and Leia

Love in Tuscany

There was a young couple
From Luxembourg
Who decided to vacation
In Tuscany.
They put on their clothes
Including their pants - for
This was the home
Of the Renaissance (Italian)!

They took bunches 
of cameras
Guidebooks and
And set off to check out
Old cities and shrines
Both happy as larks
The man and his "honey."

They'll never forget
This time together
Dinners and wine and
Delicious weather.
And when they grow old
Sit sipping their tea
They'll speak of their love
And of Tuscany.

Copyright © 2015 by Jacob Avram/Lowell A. Anderson.  All rights reserved.


Cezar and Léia said...

Know this place... :)
God bless you!

Sailor said...

This is wonderful! A picture and a Poem! Very creative.

By the way you are making us laugh again with the Cuba boating :D
Cruise Pictures

Lady Windsor said...

I like this poem...great!!!

David Thomas said...

Very nice. I've been reading some of your poetry and enjoying it. Tuscany sounds like a very beautiful place. I have a dvd of a concert there produced by Andrea Bocelli and friends. They sing as the sun sets over the fields of grain. What would we do without art, music and the sublime?

stardust said...

Beautiful poem! I think pleasures back then and memory now are not separate things but one thing. The time in Toscana must be fully grown when remembered by the two of them while sipping tea together or reading this poem.