Thursday, December 23, 2010

What would Jesus do...about the "war" on Christmas

Some say there's a war on Christmas.
Others say that's just not so!
Some say Santa's but a myth.
Some "Boo," and "Ho, ho, ho!"

Seems we've got ourselves a mess.
Folks are feeling sad and blue.
We should ask one little question,
What, you think, would Jesus do?

He'd not be seen at Wal-Mart stores,
Or walking up and down the mall.
He might go hiking in the woods,
To keep from climbing up the wall!

He might attend a jolly party,
And try to do the cha, cha, cha!
He wouldn't go to church, for sure.
He'd celebrate Hanukkah!

Poem copyright © 2006 and 2010 by Jacob Anson.  All rights reserved.


cieldequimper said...


Juergen Kuehn said...

Thank you for this food for thought!

Tengrain said...

Ha! -

That's a Dorothy Parker-worthy poem!



Tengrain said...

Ha! -

That's a Dorothy Parker-worthy poem!

amatamari© said...


Happy New Year dear friend!!!

merrytait said...

Cute and thought-worthy!!!!!

lizziviggi said...

I agree with Tengrain-- it's very Parkeresque! I like it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear Jacob, today the translation is good enough, just to let me to understand and appreciate !!! It's a pity I do not write a more deep comment... I wish you a year full of inspiration et aussi pleine de petits bonheurs en tous genres. A l'année prochaine!

Jacob said...

Thanks to all of you (and anonymous) for your very kind comments! Happy New Year!

Small City Scenes said...

You nailed it!! MB

stardust said...

I think I know why you wrote this. The Christ would not be exclusive but inclusive and be happy to see people, Christians and non-Christians, celebrate his birthday for the love and forgiveness he taught. He wouldn’t care for other earthly pleasures.


stardust said...

Thank you for the comment. Now I understand what you had in mind when you wrote the poem, Lowell. I had thought Jesus was a Palestine but being a Jew would be right. Jesus was a Jew and Jewish people are thought to be forsaken - this is a great paradox. I've learned many of Christmas traditions is mixture of various different pagan cultures before Christ.

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I'm happy for you with the news that no further cancer was found. Thank you for letting me know it.

Take care,


Bob Poris said...

People do forget that Jesus, his family, friends and most of his followers were all practicing Jews and followed many of the rules written in the Old testament of their Bibles .Most pick and chose from Leviticus and ignore most of the rules, unless they agree with them or want others to do so.

I doubt if Jesus would violate the dietary laws.