Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Camera

The sky, the sun
The moon at night.
Mountains, seas,
Birds in flight.
Prairies vast
And city lights.
Decaying barns
Out of sight.

Cathedrals reach up
To the sky
As if they could
The gods appease.
While structures tall,
Broken, small
Sink deep into
The urban sleaze.

And ancient halls
Stand sodden
Beside Roman walls.
Rivers, canyons,
Flora, fauna
All enthrall.

Children garbed
In innocence
Play midst tempting
Men and women
Trod the streets
Harried, happy

The beautiful,
Sordid and sublime
Cohere in fact
And in the mind.
Still...struck by
Our own chimera
We capture life with
The camera.

Copyright © 2009 by Jacob Anson. All rights reserved. Image by Hemera Technologies.


Cezar and Léia said...

Cute poem and very creative!
Are you looking for bears to take their pictures? hummm Take care okay! :-))

Jacob said...

We're close to the Ocala National Forest, but haven't seen any bears nearby.

They've had a couple of bears in downtown Ocala, though. That's about 4 miles further from the Ocala National Forest!

Must have wandered in from the woods somehow. By the time the authorities got there, the bears had left the area...

Thanks for coming by! Hope Luna is well!


Asta said...

Lovely poem.
Lots of reflections came into my mind when reading it.-:)

Miss Winty met a bear last summer when wandering in the forrest. She was so scared that she forgot to take a picture of it.

Bears are fantastic creatures - and smart I think. They smell the danger, I'm quite sure of that.

cieldequimper said...

I wouldn't have thought that there would be bears in Florida! I like this poem on modern life.

Jacob said...

Hi Asta...we were driving through the Ocala National Forest today and I noted several bear "warning" signs...we've not seen any here, and you're right, most of the time they're scared to death of us and wouldn't bother a human unless the bear felt threatened of one of its young-'uns was threatened...

Our bears are relatively small black bears.

There was one in a swimming pool in Orlando not too long ago...quite a surprise for the owners of the house!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this poem! You are so creative!