Friday, December 9, 2016

Shoot Someone - Ode to the NRA

Shoot Someone - Ode to the NRA

Shoot someone
that's what guns are for

Shoot the NRA
let them taste a bullet
that's what guns are for

Shoot your teacher
for all her lies

Shoot your neighbor
for his weedy grass

Shoot your kids
when they don't behave

Shoot your congressperson
for being incompetent

Shoot the illegals
for stealing your job

Shoot the minorities
who are stealing your country

Shoot the bankers
who are stealing your money

Shoot the crooks
working Wall Street

Shoot the warden
in the back

Shoot the priest for
his pretensions

Shoot the doctor
for her drugs

Shoot a gun
with hollow points

Shoot the homeless
on the street

Life is cheap
guns are cheap
shoot someone

That's what guns are for

Copyright © 2016 by Lowell A. Anderson


William Kendall said...

I expect if there was ever a mass shooting in an NRA convention, they still wouldn't get the point.

colleen said...

It's getting that bad with the doublespeak that I could almost see the NRA embracing this. I knew we were in trouble when Michael Jackson said Bad was Good. I found you at Sallie's.

Shammickite said...

Oh my goodness I find this very frightening. So very true. I really don't like guns.

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