Monday, January 26, 2015

I Had A Silly Cat

I Had A Silly Cat

Once upon a time
I had a silly cat
My silly cat was
Oh, so fat
It couldn’t catch
A rat unless 
That rat was
Really, really slow.

My silly cat could eat
Ev’ry thing 
In sight
In the morning
And once again
At night

She’d gotten 
Kinda heavy
She was quite
A sight
One might say
She was a tub
And you'd be
Absolutely right.

So it’s not 
Surprising that
My silly
Silly cat
Is just too big
And too damn fat
To go out and
Catch a rat.

Copyright © 2015 by Lowell A. Anderson.  All rights reserved.

Note:  The photo was stolen from the files of William Kendall, who blogs here.


William Kendall said...

Very funny! Meow!

Pierre BOYER said...

Great Lowell !
Best regards...