Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where does the weather come from?

Nobody understands the
Weather like the
Weather people do.
And they don't
Understand it ... at all!

Whether we like it or not
Weather is always
Going to change and
Become colder or warmer
Or stay the same.

Precipitation is quite
Possible when
Weather is around.
Rain and snow and sleet
All fall on the ground.

Summer brings hurricanes
Furious disasters -
True catastrophes.
Could it be they're caused
By pundit's prophecies?

Maybe it's the weather people
Who cause the changes
And the weather patterns, too.
By praying especially hard
To, well, you know who.

Because the really scary question
Is what would weather
People do
If there was no weather
For weather folks to do?

© 2006 & 2009 by Jacob Anson. Image copyright by Jacob Anson and its licensors.
All rights reserved.


Cezar and Léia said...

People also tend to change as the seasons.Sometimes you have to break and separate things to become whole again.
Adorable poem dear friend!
I'm impressed how much those people that works with weather news can be wrong, several times I can say!
Congratulations for your post!

Frank said...

Love the post. I have to wonder why a weather person (meteorologist) would select a TV station in Florida to report from. Lows in the 70s. Highs in the 90s. 20% chance of rain. Every single day for months on end. BORING. (Notice how giddy with excitement they get as a tropical storm approaches. Scary)

Jacob said...

Yes, Frank, I have noticed that phenomenon. I think they pray for a hurricane...the sense of joyful anticipation is palpable!

bfarr said...

they would probably work in advertising.

have a great weekend : )

Serge Cornillet said...

Hi Jacob,
I was thinking the same thing about Drug industry...What do they do without illnesses?

stardust said...

The victims and the people of Oklahoma caught by the deadly twisters are in my prayers and thoughts. I can’t compare which is the most catastrophic, earthquake, tsunami or tornado. How are tornadoes in Florida? I don't hear the news about tornadoes but hurricanes regarding Florida.

Nature is mostly benevolent but at times we are helpless in the huge atrocious power of nature.

What a good news Lois and you are celebrating the 56th wedding anniversary this month! Congratulations! We have celebrated our 38th in May. Come rain or come shine, we’ll be together.


Sylvia K said...

I love it!! Thanks telling me about it!! Enjoy your day and get ready for a great new year!!!