Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The moon has risen; how still is the world

A few days ago, I posted this moon shot on Ocala Daily Photo. My friend Juergen, of Marburg, Germany, offered as an appropriate accompaniment this old German songtext:

The moon has risen,
the tiny golden stars shine in the heavens bright and clear; the forest stands dark and silent,
and from the meadows climbs a
wondrous white mist.

How still is the world, and in the veil of twilight,
as comfortable and lovely
as a quiet chamber, where the misery of the day you will sleep away and forget.

Do you see the moon standing there?
There is only half of it to see, and yet
it is round, and fair! So it is with many things
that we mock confidently,
Because our eyes see them not.

(Evensong by Matthias Claudius - 1773)

Thank you, Juergen.


Asta said...

Your photo is fantastic!
And the poem combines mystery and fantasy.

amatamari said...



cellini.k said...

what a beautiful object. i adore this.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Poem IS Very Nice And Same Is The Photograph !! Great Jacob.I Love Your Blog..

Denise Jelonek said...

The poem certainly compliments the photo. Great job!

stardust said...

Hi, Lowell! Your photo and the poem goes well in harmony. I think the moon is the symbol of truth. The moon’s shape changes on its waning and waxing. Each shape we see is true as a part of one whole entity as truth. (Maybe I don’t make myself understood well language-wise.)

I like to look up at the moon. It sails across the sky and gently shines upon the darkness (which symbolizes our suffering on the earth) of our world.

Hope you’re enjoying the balmy breeze of May.